Bloggers, Instagramers, Youtubers, all, WE NEED YOU

"Once upon a time, 3 little monsters opened eyes. They didn't know why they came on this planet. Then, one day, they saw a woman; she was swimming in the river. She was nude, totally naked in the cold water and our 3 monsters started to feel exciting. They moved, they shacked and the woman called them. They swum and this princess of water let them discovered their real functions. Monsterpub was born and decided to provide the pleasure on our planet."

SISTALK sets a foot in USA and Europe for 2018 and we want your voice to let your world know that our little monsters are so lovely.

Your skill of writing, your philosophy, you way of life is all what we need. Our monsters are lifestyle products. We love, we try to find, we reach any joyful moments but sometimes, freak to act, to buy, to think of using an intimate vibrator. That’s why we need your help to explain, with your word, how our products are good, necessary.

Our collection is more than sex toy, this is more than it. We always associate pleasure and health. In Buddhism, Lao Tse, Confiusus said that a healthy life will always come with pleasure. Sex is a pleasure, healthy is a pleasure and we develop our toys on these ideas.

You are on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, you have a blog, you have certain influence and you like our product, our philosophy, contact us right now!

Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, United States, Canada, we want to work with you. Send a brief introduction of what you do, with your info to: [email protected]

You want to share some of your experiences, articles from your blog, your stories, your interviews, everything could help the intimate vibrators enter in homes; we will be more than happy to share it on your blog

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